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How does it work?

Buyers search for the spare parts they need and send a request to suppliers subscribed to our site. If the supplier has the necessary spare parts for sale, our system sends the supplier’s quote to a buyer. The buyer can receive one or more quotes and then choose the supplier. After choosing a supplier, the buyer and the supplier can directly contact one another to carry out the transaction.

What are the terms for suppliers?

Any company which sells spare parts for heavy equipment can become a supplier.

We offer free and paid subscriptions. If you have a small stock of spare parts, go with the free subscription. If you want to sell a large number of spare parts, then the paid subscription is best; with it, you will have access to priority requests.

Receive requests immediately after subscription (approximately 200 requests per day).

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Last requests
John Deere AM100220Module New; Original1 pcs
for a jd F930
Caterpillar 2761243CAP-FUEL FILLER (LOCKABLE) 1 pcs
John Deere 8200 DrillAN163187Chain Sprocket New, Reconditioned, Used; Original, OEM, Aftermarket4 pcs
John Deere 6230AL204164Aftercooler New; OEM1 pcs
John Deere AT191634Hydraulic Pump New, Reconditioned; OEM1 pcs

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