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JCB js450 1-12230108-1 connecting rod

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Создана31 октября 2015 г.
СтатусПросрочена (имеет котировки: 1)
Адрес получения Asokoro, Федеральная столичная территория, Нигерия
КонтактыСкрыто для просмотра. Просрочена

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JCB js450 1-12230108-1 connecting rod 1 шт. Запрос цены

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JCB 1550B704/03400Horn, 12 volt Новая1 шт.

My name is Ahmed Adebimpe from Structured Resource, based out of Lagos, Nigeria. We are a buying house to multinationals in Nigeria.

My company has been invited to a bid to supply Horn 12 volt for a Chevron project.. And they specified JCB Backhoe Excavator as the preferred supplier for this item. I came across your contact details online and was hoping you could please help me with a quote.
What we need from you essentially includes:

1. Ex-works unit prices for the items.
2. Estimated Lead time/approximate weight & dimensions
3. Product datasheets.
When we will be making advanced payment to your company when we win the bid, our logistics partner will be responsible for pick up from your location.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information and I’ll be glad to assist.

I thank you in advance for your help, looking forward to receiving your offer.
JCB 704/03400HORN:12V JCB BACKHOE EXCAVATOR SN:15BT 4059/347455/7, ENGINE NO A O518356T, GEAR BOX AXLE NO 445/144/5/00192, FRONT AXLE NO 09084, REAR AXLE NO 17611 (NOTE TWO MODELS ON ONE PN). MN:1550B-4 Новая; Оригинал, OEM, Аналог1 шт.
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