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John Deere 3040 L33596 Handle

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Создана4 сентября 2015 г.
Адрес получения Baia Mare, Maramureş, Румыния
КонтактыСкрыто для просмотра. Просрочена

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John Deere 3040 L33596 Handle Оригинал, OEM, Аналог 1 шт. Запрос цены

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My name is Priya from Futurebridge, a consulting and advisory firm. Currently, we are working as sourcing and procurement partner for one of our client who is a leading metal and mining player in India. They are streamlining their procurement and sourcing strategy across different sites globally including India. As a part of this strategy, driveline parts like shaft, axle, transmission, etc. are the categories where we are helping our client to reach out to potential partners for 2-3 yrs. contract and for annual adhoc basis requirement as well. Therefore, we will be requesting RFQ for driveline parts for John Deere. Please get in touch with me on urgent basis so that I can share the RFQ with you for different OEMs. RFQ is the first requirement for our client for shortlisting distributors for repeated business in the future. Once we receive the RFQ we shall then send you the exact quantity for each required driveline parts. Thank you and we are looking forward to doing business with you
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Looking for used, reconditioned oem or aftermarket carburetor