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How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud?

Do not trust a low price
Scammers try to make their listings stand out by quoting low prices. Browse different offerings of spare parts that you are looking for and compare prices. Do not get involved with sellers whose prices differ from the market average by more than 30%.
Check payment details
Company name, address and other contact information must be the same as specified on the website. If you see that the contact information on the invoice does not match the information specified in the quotation, the seller may use someone else's company name. Immediately inform us about it [email protected].
Ask for additional information about the spare parts
Do not rush to send money as soon as you see a seller who offers an extremely good deal on spare parts. Contact the seller before buying and ask for more information, such as additional photos or a more detailed description of the parts. If the parts are indeed available and the seller is prepared to deliver them, he would readily comply with your request. A photograph of the parts with a sheet of paper bearing the seller’s user name is a good form of proof.
If you get an impression that the seller is not well familiar with his product, do not hurry to buy it from him; instead, take a look at other similar offerings at the site.
Offer to meet the seller in person
Conscientious sellers welcome their customers and do not refuse to meet. If a seller avoids meeting you or your representative in person, this may be a reason not to trust him.
What if a seller is rushing you and demanding a down payment?
A popular scamming tactic is to demand that a customer transfer money right away to avoid the product being sold to another buyer. A responsible seller is always prepared to wait for a little while before receiving payment.
Report listings from suspicious sellers
If you suspect a seller of being dishonest, do not hesitate to report his listings [email protected]. We will investigate your suspicions and, if they are confirmed, will ban the seller from participating in our system.
What should you do if a seller has deceived you?
Immediately contact police or the Interpol and file a criminal complaint for fraud. The sooner you file a complaint, the higher your chances of being reimbursed.
In your complaint, be sure to include all the information you have about the seller: the request number, e-mail, phone number, company name, first and last name, payment details, the time of your most recent communication.