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Caterpillar 10R-8220 Reman Cartilage

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Создана28 февраля 2016 г.
СтатусПросрочена (имеет котировки: 2)
Адрес получения Dar Es Salaam, Dar es Salaam Region, Танзания
КонтактыСкрыто для просмотра. Просрочена

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Caterpillar 10R-8220 Reman Cartilage 1 шт. Запрос цены

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Dear Sir,
Request for Quotation/Proforma invoice on select items

We intend to tender for the supply of the following specific items as attached. We desired that you may submit the quotation for the same.

Please provide us a proforma invoice, quoting your best prices for the items described in attached page. Your proforma invoice should state clearly your Ex-Works, Freight, and Insurance. Therefore, we require your CIF, Lagos, Nigeria for each item. We would also appreciate your stating your global discount since we shall be making bulk purchases when a purchase Order is given to us by our Client who will also demand same from us.

The quotation should reach the undersigned by October 20, 2018 and should have a one-year validity period.