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Kubota ds320 12031-6706-0 coil ignition

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Создана15 декабря 2015 г.
СтатусПросрочена (имеет котировки: 1)
Адрес получения Seixo De Gatões, Coimbra, Португалия
КонтактыСкрыто для просмотра. Просрочена

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Kubota ds320 12031-6706-0 coil ignition Новая 1 шт. Запрос цены

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Dear Sir.
Good Day
You are kindly requested to submit a proposal along with data sheet for the items listed BELOW, please confirm that all parts are original, new, genuine & OEM.

Spare parts for KUBOTA Diesel engine model: D772, S/N: AC9115 or S/N: 4CQ8842, code no.: 1G686-17000, fitted with welding machine Miller trailblazer 302, S/N: MA200094M up MA200097M, stock No.: 907218 or S/N: MD030988R, stock No.: 907548.
1- (2 each), Water pump, P/N: 4230021, and gasket water pump, P/N: 4209352.
2- (5 each), Thermostat water cooling, P/N: 2500870, and gasket thermostat, P/N: 4145869.
3- (One each), Rear oil seal crank, P/N: 554222, and gasket case cover, P/N: 5001422.
4- (One each), Front oil seal crank, P/N: 557528.
5- (3 each), Filter fuel Assy., P/N: 4209363.

If an order is placed, it will be placed from our office in San Diego, USA.
Egypt will be the final destination. {Export documents should be provided.
The offer should be priced X-Work. with validity 60 days.
Your feedback is highly appreciated in advance before the closing date December,
19, 2017.
Farah Tawfik (Mr.).
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Stering problems