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Ingersoll Rand LMAC401C 0000000 DIAPHRAGM 'MEMBRANE'

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Создана17 ноября 2015 г.
Адрес получения Barika, Алжир
КонтактыСкрыто для просмотра. Просрочена
Примечаниеhello we need the diaphragm 'membrane' for the crawler ingersoll rand LMAC401C it have just one diaphragm i havent the part number check and reply me tanks

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Ingersoll Rand LMAC401C 0000000 DIAPHRAGM 'MEMBRANE' Новая; Оригинал, OEM, Аналог 1 шт. Запрос цены

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Dear friend
Good day
Please reply urgent
I am looking for offer for spare parts for Air compressors as per specifications
APP 3791500-10090
APP 3791500-10091
APP 3791500-10170
APP 3791500-10171
QTY: One from each
• We need the offer on your company letter head
• we need technical specification catalog and offer
• financial offer (Ex-work price )
• Packaging descriptions, weighting and size
• Short delivery time from you receive your money
• Validity of your price
• Documents Cost (Original certificate stamped from Egypt Embassy + invoice stamped from chamber of commercial (Documents are important for the release of goods from Egyptian Customs)
• Payment: Irrevocable LC 100% or 100% wire transfer against documents copy by mail
• If you put the goods in wooden box, this wooden must be Fumigation and stamped by the plant of Quarantine in country of origin
waiting for urgent reply
Best Regards
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