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Caterpillar 9S9082 TOOL-ENGINE TURNING

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CreatedJanuary 19, 2016
StatusExpired (has quotes: 6)
Ship To Ashland, Kentucky, United States
ContactsHidden for viewing. Expired

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Caterpillar 9S9082 TOOL-ENGINE TURNING New, Used 1 pcs Price request

The request is not available for quoting. Request has expired and not available for quoting.

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Caterpillar 9S9082TOOL-ENGINE TURNING 1 pcs
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CDI Torque 1502MRMH1502MRMHTorque wrench 20-150lb/pie New1 pcs
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Caterpillar 9S90829S9082Engine Turning Tool   New2 pcs
Caterpillar 185-36301853630STRAP WRENCH ASSEM. 1 pcs
Caterpillar 34942003494200infrared thermometer 1 pcs
Caterpillar 245-58292455829BATTERY AND COOLANT REFRACTOMETER 1 pcs
Caterpillar 368-9910 / 348-54303689910/3485430Multi Tool with all accessories New1 pcs
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My name is Jessica Ortecho, I work for a services company OPEX, I would like to get a quotation for the items listed
My name is Jessica Ortecho, I work for a services company OPEX, I would like to get a quotation for the items listed
I will appreciated all your help
Jessica Ortecho
Caterpillar 9S9082TOOL-ENGINE TURNING 1 pcs
Caterpillar 9S90829S9082TOOL-ENGINE TURNING New; Original1 pcs
Pls quote for the entire list or dont bother sending me a quote.

Cummins Tools
S/N Description Part. No Qty Applicable
1 Torque Wrench overhead set 3376592 1 K19,K38,K50,NTA855
2 crankshaft seal installer 4919705 1 NTA855
3 Depth Gauge liner protrution 3164438 1 All Engine
4 Cooler leak test kit 4919085 1 NTA855,KTA38,KTA50,KTA19,Cat-3400, Cat-3500
5 Crankshaft front seal installer 4919704 1 NTA855
6 Injector Puller - STC Engines 3823024 1 K19,K38,K50,NTA855
7 Piston Ring Compressor ST-755 1 All Engine
8 Dial Bore Gauge 3375072 1 All Engine
9 Standard Puller ST-647 1 All Engine
10 Thermostat Seal Driver ST-1225 1 NTA855
4 universal liner puller for cummins and cat 1 All Engine
11 Injection Timing Tools 33876461 1 NTA855, KTA38, KTA50

Caterpillar Tools
S/N Description Part. No Qty Applicable
1 Engine Turning Toos 9S9082 1 All Caterpillar Engine
2 Timing Pin 6V4186 1 All Caterpillar Engine
3 Cylinder Liner Installer 2P-8260 1 All Engine
5 Crankshaft front and rear seal/wear sleeve installar 10171 1 Cat-35 Series
6 Seal Installer thermostat 221-8647 1 cat 35 Series
7 Injector Setting Kit 9U-5132 1 Cat-35 series
8 Crankshaft front and rear seal/wear sleeve installar M10050 1 Cat-34 series
9 Fuel Line socket 5P144 1 Cat-34 Series
10 Fuel line wrench 5P5195 1 Cat-34 Series
11 Nozzle Puller Group 6V6981 1 Cat-34 series
12 Thermostat seal driver 1P0510 1 Cat-34 series
13 Lever assembly pushrod and rocker arm FT1322 1 Cat-34 series
14 Valve lifter remover 5P2401 1 Cat-34 series
15 Bearing tool 2P5518 1 Cat-34 series
16 Fuel pump extractor 8S2244 1 3408 and 3412
17 Injector Height Gauge 9U7227 1 c-18
Caterpillar 3406 B9S9082TOOL-ENGINE TURNING Reconditioned, Used1 pcs