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Komatsu D65E-12 14X-43-23352 Cable

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CreatedSeptember 14, 2015
StatusExpired (has quotes: 1)
Ship To Nakhodka, Primorskiy Kray, Russia
ContactsHidden for viewing. Expired

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Komatsu D65E-12 14X-43-23352 Cable 1 pcs Price request

The request is not available for quoting. Request has expired and not available for quoting.

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Dear Sir,
Our customer Ministry Of Electricity and Energy want to buy machinery spare parts. They want to buy CIF. If you are interested in it. We are sending lists to you.

Thanking you in advance.
With best regards.

Nanda Kyaw
Tender Procurement Officer
Sun Coast International Company Limited
Komatsu D65E-1214X-43-23352Cable 1 pcs
Komatsu D65E-1214X-43-13734Cable 1 pcs
Komatsu D65E-1214X-43-22860inversor cable 2 pcs
Komatsu 375A723-65-22100Hydraulic control valve New; Original, OEM, Aftermarket1 pcs