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Rolls-Royce 6659868-

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CreatedNovember 21, 2018
StatusCanceled (has quotes: 3)
Ship To Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine
ContactsHidden for viewing. Canceled

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Model Part No Description Qty
Rolls-Royce 6659868- New; OEM, Aftermarket 8 pcs Price request
Kaeser 6.4212.0 New; OEM, Aftermarket 3 pcs Price request
Caterpillar 210-6787 FILTER-FUEL New; OEM 8 pcs Price request
Caterpillar 229-3555 FILTER ELEMENT-BREATHER (CLOSED CIRCUIT CRANKCASE) New; OEM 2 pcs Price request

The request is not available for quoting. Request was canceled by customer.

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Good day
I would like to know if you can supply next number parts:
4T6066 Y 6E3138

Kind regards
Caterpillar 1535710BATTERY (12-VOLT, 1400-CCA) New16 pcs