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Komatsu PC50UU-1 709-32-11570 Cover

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CreatedJuly 17, 2016
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Ship To Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
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Komatsu PC50UU-1 709-32-11570 Cover 1 pcs Price request

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Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from Cedar International Inc,
Currently we have a requirement as you see below.
We request you to kindly give us your best Ex-work quote with the earliest lead time for the below. Please contact us in case if you have any questions.

Sl No Manufacturer Model Description Part Number Serial Number QTY
1) Komatsu Shovel PC 4000 Pump Distribution Gear 937 399 40 08253
2 Nos
2) Komatsu Shovel PC 4000 Hydraulic Pump 705-51-31210 08255 2 Nos